Was That Keith Urban on #RHOD?

Aaron & Tiffany’s Wedding, Santa Monica Pier (2010)

If you were doing a double take during last night’s episode The Real Housewives of Dallas, you weren’t alone. When we first saw flashes of Tiffany Hendra’s Aussie rocker husband Aaron on screen, we had to wonder if Keith Urban had a secret life we weren’t aware of! However the two weren’t related, they’re simply dopplegangers. Even the Tiffany agrees saying, “Do we think Aaron looks like Keith Urban? HELL YEAH! Everywhere we go people comment on it. We take it as a compliment because A) Keith is hot! B) Keith is a remarkable musician! C) Keith is a fellow Aussie! But I do have to say, Aaron is taller than Keith.”

While he may not be Keith Urban, Aaron has plenty of traits that make him one of the most desirable Househusbands in Dallas. Read more

Aaron Hendra is an Australian-born songwriter, singer and guitarist and is currently based in Dallas, Texas. Songwriting credits include the single “Don’t Let It End”, recorded by Aussie superstar John Farnham, featured on the multi-platinum album Romeo’s Heart (BMG, Australia). Hendra spent 13 years in Los Angeles honing his songwriting skills before moving to Texas with his wife in 2014. Also that year, he released his long awaited debut solo album OCTOBERSONG on his own independent label Give Records. The album features 11 tracks written and produced by Aaron Hendra.
This year, he will also appear with his wife Tiffany Hendra in BRAVO’S new REAL HOUSEWIVES OF DALLAS. Viewers will see inside the Hendra’s world as they settle into life in Dallas. The series premiere begins April 11 10EST / 9CST on BRAVO.