Listen To Aaron Hendra’s Songs To Hear How Tiffany’s Husband Is Inspired By The ‘Real Housewives Of Dallas’ Star


We can always count on a new Housewives city to bring us plenty of new drama and fresh faces. The latest entry into the franchise, The Real Housewives Of Dallas, is filled to the brim with fascinating ladies. One such lady from RHOD is Tiffany Hendra. Tiffany could likely fill her own hour of reality television all by herself but she’s not the only notable Hendra. She also happens to have a pretty impressive husband who also appears on the show. No, he’s not an oil tycoon or some financial guru, like most of the housewives’ husbands. Tiffany’s husband is a real life, uber-talented rockstar. Don’t take my word for it, listen to Aaron Hendra’s music for yourself.

The Australian musician is not exactly a rookie to the biz. He’s earned his guitar and put in plenty of hours on the job. According to his website, after spending a long 13 years honing his songwriting skills, he finally went on to make his solo debut. His debut solo album, OCTOBERSONG is completely written and produced by Aaron himself on his own record label. That’s seriously impressive. The amount of work that must have gone into this piece of art is astounding. You can check it out for yourself on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and Pandora. To get you in the mood to rock, I’ve compiled a little list of stellar Aaron originals. You’re welcome. Read More