What is it like hearing your husband sing about you?

Real Housewives of Dallas Ep1

Aaron sings THE REASON to Tiffany – Real Housewives of Dallas Season1 Ep1

Bravotv.com: What is it like hearing your husband sing about you and being able to give back to him with the guitar? Also – does he/you think he looks like Keith Urban at all? We think the likeness is uncanny!
TH: I’m not sure if I have ever NOT teared up when I hear Aaron sing “The Reason”. Many women get diamonds as gifts, I get songs written about me. For him to be able to sing on Bravo is just well, surreal. (Tearing up as I write that!) It was a big deal to me to be able to buy Aaron a Texas guitar. He was dead set on buying me a diamond engagement ring even though I swore I was happy with a modest band. He said I deserved a diamond and sold his guitar collection to be able to do so. (Here come the tears again, LOL!) So, for me to be able to help him replenish his collection means the world to me!

Do we think Aaron looks like Keith Urban? HELL YEAH! Everywhere we go people comment on it. We take it as a compliment because A) Keith is hot! B) Keith is a remarkable musician! C) Keith is a fellow Aussie! But, I do have to say, Aaron is taller than Keith. Read more