The ONE MAN’S WAR Mission 

After being asked by Sam Childers a.k.a. The Machine Gun Preacher to write a song for the Children of Sudan, Aaron and his band travelled to Nimule, South Sudan and recorded the actual Children rescued by the Preacher sing the end Chorus of ONE MAN’S WAR. The song, now an anthem that is touching many hearts all over the world, has become AHP’s mission. We encourage you to take a listen, watch the video and join in Sam’s “fight for Love” by downloading the song today.

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One Man's War Mission

Light Up Tomorrow – The Next Chapter

What is the Light Up Tomorrow Project?

The goal of our “Light Up Tomorrow Project” is to build state-of-the-art off grid solar farms in the various East African orphanages, schools and facilities built by our friend Sam Childers, the Machine Gun Preacher, through his Angels for East Africa organization. AHP are currently raising approximately $30kUS needed for the solar equipment and hope to complete the first installation by end of 2016. To find out more or help support this project please email us at

Aaron installs the first LED light